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Hongqiqu New Material Co., Ltd. is a private production and trading enterprise, we mainly manufacture and sale graphite electrodes range from diameter 150mm to diameter 700mm at RP/HP/UHP grade, refractory materials such as refractory bricks, others refractory raw materials, CPC /GPS needle coke/petroleum coke, and other steel casting mills related products. 

Our products can be widely used for high temperature of industrial furnaces in industries of metallurgy, building material, petrochemistry and so on. We mainly provide products for Chinese large enterprises and important construction projects, such as BaoSteel, Aluminum Corporation of China. At the same time our products also have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions.

We has two sets of complete production lines from calcination to machining. The main equipments include 3,500 tons of horizontal extrusion equipment, vertical vibration molding equipment, four-chamber ring roaster, three 200000KVA internal graphitization furnaces, and horizontal impregnation tanks. 24 cans of calciner, fully automatic CNC body, joint processing production line and advanced dust removal and desulfurization equipment.

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