Aluminum abrasive cutting wheels for stainless steel

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whitedove 14 Inch 350×2.5/3×25.4mm cutting wheels for steel Product

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Straight Fast Clean cut.
Shatter/Fragment Proof.
Cut aluminum gutters easily.
Cut bolts and screws.
Make slots in rusted or stripped bolts & screws for removal with a screwdriver.
Cut through Rebar's, Metal shafts and Hard Steel cases like a knife through butter.
Make fast, clean cuts in ferrous sheet metals, including iron and through a bunch of stainless steel studs with these abrasive cut-off wheels.

1. Excellent sharpness on cutting materials.
2. Long-life durability.
3. Low vibration and high stability for comfortable grinding or cutting.
4. Reinforced fiber nets for durability and safety.
5. Made by corundum and special resin, has high tensile and bending strength. 

Aluminum abrasive cutting wheels for stainless steel
Aluminum abrasive cutting wheels for stainless steel1
Aluminum abrasive cutting wheels for stainless steel5
Aluminum abrasive cutting wheels for stainless steel4

What is the application of cutting disc?
cutting of pipes, profiled sections,sheet metal as full pieces of material in cross-section,for inox,iron,metal,steel cut off use.

1. Flat cutting wheels for metal:
These cutting wheels are used for cutting metal such as steel pipe, armor plate and so on. It is testified that this product is safe and durable. Many southeast customers like to order this one.

2. Flat cutting wheels for stainless steel:
Flat cutting wheel is suitable for stainless steel and all kinds of acid proof steels. There is no iron, sulfur of halide etc materials in it.

3. Flat cutting wheels for stone and glass:
The precision tool is for stone treatment. It is a low-cost alternative to diamond cutting discs. Flat cutting wheels can make maximum precision cut-outs and clean cutting edges with almost no cavities in glazes.

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