azs refractory block used for glass furnace

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Sintered AZS brick is also called electrofusion and zirconium corundum brick, whose chemical composition is Al2O3- zro2-sio2.AZS bricks are used as the main raw materials of AZS, and a small amount of kaolinite and alumina as the binding agent are added in proportion, and then sintered by mixing, molding and drying.Below, we learn from the following aspects the glass kiln USES the sintering AZS brick.

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Product Name azs refractory block used for glass furnace
Color Yellow white
Size 230X114x65/75mm,230×150×75mm,230×150/135×75mm,ect.(According to customer demand processing and production)
Shape Straight Brick,special-shaped brick,checher brick,trapezoidal brick,Bricks with taper,arch brick,skew brick,ect.
Work Temperature 1750℃
Material Zirconia, corundum
Field of Application glass furnace
Service Firebrick design,Production,Construction
Sample Free provide
Package 1.Pallet+Paper or Steel angle bead+Paper board +Plastic or Steel belt +Plastic film (1)Wooden pallet size:Usually0.92*0.92m(standard brick),but 1*1m (special shape brick)at most.
(2)Load weight of each pallet:Usually 1.5-1.7Tons,but 2.0 Tons at most.
(3)20 Foot Container can be loaded 25-26Tons at most,about 13-16Pallets.
2.Can make the package according to customer's requirements.
Payment L/C,T/T
Delivery To be negotiated
azs refractory block used for glass furnace6
azs refractory block used for glass furnace7
Ltem AZS16 AZS20 AZS32
ZrO2% 16 20 32
Fe2O3% 0.5 0.5 0.5
Bulk Density g/cm3 2.7 2.8 3.2
Apparent Porosity % 20 18 18
Compressive Strength Mpa 70 80 80
Softening Temperature Under Load   T0.6/℃ 1580 1620 1630

AZS Refractory Brick application
Sintered AZS brick is used as the working layer of glass kiln, contacting with the glass liquid to protect the furnace and resist the erosion of the glass.Therefore, the sintered AZS brick is mainly used for the chest wall of the melting part of the glass tank kiln and the sealing layer of the arch foot pool.

Properties of sintered AZS Refractory Brick
1. Good corrosion resistance.
2. Good wear resistance.
3. Good thermal shock performance.
azs refractory block used for glass furnace8

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