Graphite Electrodes

  • Graphite Electrode Nipple

    Graphite Electrode Nipple

    Graphite electrodes nipples are used to connect two or more electrodes into column. And the purpose of that is to realize continuous use of electrodes in electric arc furnace steelmaking process. Nipples, with conventional external threads surface, are the important clamping device to extend the electrode length. Doing this avoids the unproductive consumption in smelting.

  • HP Graphite electrode

    HP Graphite electrode

    HP graphite electrode is made of needle coke imported from Japan,USA , the production process of the graphite electrode is crushing, sieving, ingredients, kneading, molding, baking, high-pressure impregnation, the second roasting, graphitization and machining process, the nipples of graphite electrode and nipple are made by three times impregnation and four times baking, the material of graphite electrode for steel making is needle coke imported from Japan and USA.

  • RP Graphite electrode

    RP Graphite electrode

    Graphite Electrode is mainly usde for steel-making in electric furnace, mineral hot furnace and electric resistance furnace. Graphite electrode conducts electric current into the furnace. Electric current produces arc in the smelting district in the electric furnace, when the temperature increase to about 2000 degree centigrade, smelting begins. Our a series of graphite electrode is applicable to the common furnace and high power furnace with high pressure and short arc.

  • UHP Graphite electrode

    UHP Graphite electrode

    Graphite electrode is a major conduction material used in the electric smelting industry, which has the properties of superior electric conductivity, thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, oxidation and corrosion resistance in high temperature. Graphite electrode  is typically used in EAF (for smelting steel), submerged arc furnace (for producing ferroalloy, pure silicon, phosphor, matte, calcium carbide, etc. And electric resistance furnace, such as graphitization furnace producing graphite electrodes, glass-melting furnace, electric  furnaces producing carborundum, etc.