High temperature alumina refractory brick

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High alumina  brick is made of high purity and stable spinel with a content of more than 48% alumina through high pressure and high sintering. Thermal stability, high refractoriness in more than 1770 ℃.

Product Detail

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Item AR36 AR37 AR38 AR40
Al2O3 % ≥55 ≥65 ≥75 ≥80
Fe2O3 % ≤2 ≤2 ≤2 ≤2
Refractoriness °C ≥1770 ≥1790 ≥1790 ≥1790
Apparent porosity  % ≤22 ≤23 ≤23 ≤21
Cold crushing strength Mpa ≥44 ≥49 ≥54 ≥65
Refractoriness under load(0.2MPa) °C ≥1470 ≥1500 ≥1520 ≥1530
Reheating Linear Change (1500°C 2h) % +0.1~ -0.4 +0.1~ -0.4 +0.1~ -0.4 +0.1~ -0.4
High temperature alumina refractory brick6
High temperature alumina refractory brick7
High temperature alumina refractory brick8

Features & Advantages
1. High compressive strength.
2. High starting temperature.
3. High temperature volume.
4. Stability,and creep properties.
5. High density does not wear and tear easily.
6. Small thermal expansion rate, not easy to deform and finish.

Product Application
1. Furnaces of metallurgy industry, heat treatment furnace.
2. Furnaces of chemical industry and construction industry.
3. Furnace of incineration of garbage, recirculating fluidized bed furnace

Quality Assurance
Lite Refractory is committed to high quality standards for all its products and services. With its thirst on State of the art technology at every level and a wide range of products, Lite Refractory can provide ideal solutions for the stringent requirement of the customer. Backed by decade of experience in different industries, and close association with customers,Lite Refractory will always bring new products which will give better life and value to the user.

The quality assurance system consists of the following steps
a.Inspection and Control of incoming raw materials:According to the chemical content,raw materials are classified into different levels to ensure quality of brick first.
b.Inspection and control of the process:During the production,every brick will be weighed twice strictly to reduce the error of weight .
c.Inspection of product Standardization of quality of each product by process control and experimentation.
d.Taking corrective measures whenever deviations are noted.
e.Quality audit by quality management.Before delivery, the inspectors will inspect the size,appearance,physical and chemical properties of brick again in factory.

High temperature alumina refractory brick9

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