RP Graphite electrode

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Graphite Electrode is mainly usde for steel-making in electric furnace, mineral hot furnace and electric resistance furnace. Graphite electrode conducts electric current into the furnace. Electric current produces arc in the smelting district in the electric furnace, when the temperature increase to about 2000 degree centigrade, smelting begins. Our a series of graphite electrode is applicable to the common furnace and high power furnace with high pressure and short arc.

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Type: We can supply High purity graphite electrode. Regular power, high power and ultra high power graphite electrode can be supplied. Fine grained structral graphite electrode and oxidation resistant coating graphite electrode are provided. Any size could be requested by the customer.

Application: Mainly used for the electric arc furnace to smelt the molten steel and used for the refining furnace such as AOD VOD LF furnaces in the steel and non-ferrous metal metallurgy industry.

Advantage:Graphite electrode is more and more widely used in the iron and steel industry. It makes less pollution and saves more power, it's good for our environment. The graphite electrode has long working-life, as it needn't to be changed often, that reduce the labor indensity of the works and avoid much danger.

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